roof inspection

Why use a drone for roof inspections? A typical roof inspection usually involves a 40 ft ladder, 2-person team, and much higher liability risk for injury.  We have already pointed out the many benefits, but speed and convenience are the main advantages. Once the flight plan is in place, the inspection can be done much faster than manual review. Drone roof inspection price is a fraction of the cost of manual, traditional inspections. All footage is geo-referenced with perfect accuracy. There is no danger of damage to the roof or the people doing the inspection.



The simple answer is no. While there are many great drones, some are better suited for this type of work. NY Drone Zone has a fleet of drones for various kind of projects.  All of our equipment is state of the art, high resolution and we use Drone Deploy as our software platform to create 2D, 3D mapping, and measurements.  We use cameras that shoot in 4K at 60 frames per second. Video processing supports H.264 video codecs to 60 fps or H.265 at 30 fps. The mapping software is optional but can stitch your photos together and within hours generates 2D or 3D Maps. From your desktop, you can perform stockpile measurement or get an estimate for the square footage of a project with the click of a mouse. The measurement accuracy is with at least 20MP, reducing the average margin of error in linear measurements to 0.64%.

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