Each drone has different strengths and features.  This allows us the flexibility to perform different types of inspections or photography depending on the situation.  They all are equipped with obstacle avoidance sensors, the highest resolution cameras out today.

The Maverick Air Pro-aka “the bug”

Is quieter and discrete, nicely fitting for residential jobs where you don’t want to draw a lot of attention, or to get into tight hard to reach places.  But is also comes with amazing technology that allows you to be creative and take really amazing cinematography for marketing material or commercials. It might be small but the it packs a big punch technology wise; with high resolution photography, obstacle avoidance and face recognition that allows the drone to follow you without remote controls.  It can do some really neat stuff. View demo video

The DJI Phantom 4-aka “the Professor”

The phantom 4 is amazing to fly, completely reliable, phenomenal high-resolution pictures. You can collect all the data you need to zoom in close and find possible complications during an inspection. The phantom 4 is solid and beautiful.

The Inspire II, aka “the Beast”

Sturdy and bad ass for sure. With dual controls we can have one pilot flying the drone while another is focusing on data collection.  The inspire is great for construction projects or higher buildings with stronger wind areas.  His looks can be intimidating but he is a great bird.  When you show up to a job with the Inspire 2, people know you mean business.

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