Our Mission

NY Drone Zone LLC is a commercial unmanned aerial service company. Our pilots provide professional drone service for projects big or small. Our mission is to collect high-resolution data for our clients to help them solve problems or prevent an even bigger problem. Using drone technology will help any project save time, money and above all increase safety. We are your eyes for the skies.

Operating Area

We currently operate in the New York Sate. Businesses outside of a 50 mile radius may require travel expenses. Please contact us for more details.

New York Team

NY Drone Zone is a Women-Owned Business Enterprise, registered with SAM and the NYS Contract Reporter. The NY Drone Zone Team attended training focused on roof inspection using drones, from the UAS School “Dart Drones” in Colorado this year. We employ experienced licensed pilots, carry up to 1-million in liability insurance and register our drones with the FAA. We strictly follow FAA airspace rules, and our drones are register with the FAA. We have experienced pilots and understand how to apply for FAA waivers. NY Drone Zone believes in quality work and fair pricing. We want every customer to be satisfied with our results. Safety and quality are paramount to our vision.

Our Pilots

We employ experienced licensed pilots, carry up to 1-million in liability insurance and registered drones with the FAA.

  • FAA Part 107 Certified
  • Aerial Roof Inspection
  • Capturing Quality Imagery
  • Managing Drone Emergencies
  • Camera Optimization/Emergencies
  • Preflight Planning
  • On-Site Assessment
  • Crew Coordination
  • Equipment Inspection
  • Mapping & Modelling for Roof Inspection
  • Tracking equipment hours
  • Customer Service
  • FAA Waivers
  • Airspace Autorization


Mark Edwards

Regional Vice President

NY Drone Zone is a world class drone service priced very reasonably which combined spells value. They did an incredible job videoing & choreographing several outdoor events we had last summer. When they say a picture is worth a thousand words, that’s a huge understatement when you hire their team. Highly recommend them!

Terry Keatley

I hired this company to do some aerial videos for me and I was very impressed with the quality and their professionalism.

William Blance

Very professional and cared about the project. Artists in a way.

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