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    I have been in the remote controlled hobby since I was a kid, flew remote controlled airplanes and helicopters. In 2013 the first DJI drone was released but at that time it was way out of my price range, so not till 2015 was I able to get my hands on one of the drones. Fell in love with the idea of taking pictures from the air, and it became my go to hobby. Later that year I met my now very good friend who had just started a media company and i started learning more about video production and before we knew it we had integrated the drones into the business (Vertek Media) and I was getting my certification and what started out as a hobby turned into an opportunity to work with alot of cool people in cool places. 

    In 2017 I branched out the Aerial Division of Vertek Media and started looking to other opportunities to expand our offerings with the drones. We were fortunate enough to get our feet wet in many different areas that we never even thought possible, and each experience was very rewarding working with teh customer to see what will work best for them and me to get the assignments complete and exceed teh customers expectations. We worked with rel-estate agents to get some aerial shots of properties, we worked with farmers to get shots of crops, we did building inspections, after winds in Rochester in 2017 we did many roof inspections for homeowners. We also were contact and had a chance to work with Streetscene 315 for their car show in Syracuse, NY and had a very unique opportunity to work with Kennedy Entertainment for the Lil Uzivert Concert in Rochester, NY.

    As always we strive to bring our customers the best we have to offer, and we always want to exceed your expectations. We welcome input from our customers, and because of this we have expanded our fleet of drones to offer customers the best drone for their particular needs and budget. We have the DJI Mavic, DJI Phantom 4, DJI Inspire One with X3 camera, and our top of the line drone which is capable in recording in RAW without the need to pay for additional licensing the DJI Inspire Pro RAW with the X5R camera.

    When working with Vertek Media we are capable to handle all of your media needs, whether you need pictures or video, we can cover you from the ground from the air, and when needed over water. We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box, and in being in constant communication with our customers to deliver what they need.

    Simply put we are always the BEST CHOICE!

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