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    What’s in a pricing?

    • Pilots invest thousands of dollars in their equipment; dedicate countless hours of time to perfect their trade. It’s a combination of science and art. Training to become a drone pilot takes learning, dedication, and passion.
    • Pilots can specialize in different industries from agriculture, real estate, and inspections to construction sites. Depending on the project, equipment is used for videography, photogrammetry, thermal imaging, or stockpile volumetric measurement, etc.
    • Professional Pilots need to be skilled in subject matter related to that field, this might require experience in topography, 3D Mapping, and land surveys among others.
    • Image and Video Editing involves trimming, stitching, titles, music or audio tracks depending on the customer’s needs.  Some jobs require professional algorithm software purchased through a third party.
    • Uploading and storage on the cloud, file sharing, computer equipment and aerial photography software.
    • Pilots are required to carry insurance, purchase their equipment, be knowledgeable about airspace regulations, request waivers from the FAA and have a remote pilots license.

    Average Rates:

    To give a blanket price on aerial photography is tough, due to the variations in applications. It depends on the project and what equipment or software is needed.

    Below is an “average” cost that has been composed based on surveys across the US, to provide you an idea of what you can expect to pay for aerial photography projects?  Of course, many things come into play when pricing a drone photography job such as distance, the level of expertise and quality of equipment used for the project.  A review of this is a discussion between the pilot and consumer.

    Per Session

    $500 – $1500

    Half Day (4hrs) $600-$1000

    Full Day (8hrs) $800- $1500

    Hourly $150-$450

    Photo Video/Editing Rates

    Hourly – $110

    Half Day (4hrs) – $550

    Full Day (8hrs) – $933

    To this end, I believe everything is negotiable and pilots should be fair with their pricing but also should not undercut their profession.

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