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    Why choose NY Drone Zone - Aerial photography company

    NY Drone Zone simplifies commercial real estate Aerial Photography for you. The use of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) has expanded to include the property business as well. Aerial shots are without a doubt a great way to give more information about your property’s location, area, neighborhood and infrastructure to your clients. This way you can easily highlight the facilities and amenities situated close to your estate to stress how prime it is. This is more than just a marketing gimmick for your business. It is a way to convey a powerful message that portrays you as a responsible entrepreneur and puts your business and practices in the right light. Another guaranteed plus is that they add to your overall appeal and cool quotient as well. Thus, drones are not only proving to be useful but also a lot of fun! They are easy to fly and you can affix a high quality camera on their frame and get delivered some really stunning aerial photos to impress your clients. So, be prepared to be flown and blown away by NY Drone Zone’s UAVs:

    We Guarantee Safety

    Safety is always at the forefront of our drone operations jobs. We make sure to impart extensive training to all our UAV pilots in New York. They adhere to the strict laws laid down by the government and the industry guidelines as well. You are guaranteed safe, timely and beautiful videography and aerial photography New York.  You assured that the Drone pilot is licensed and been imparted relevant and sufficient skills to control the drone at all times.

    We Believe In a Greener Planet

    We are among those responsible organizations that want the planet to be a better and greener place for generations to come. With our “zero emissions policy” in place we make sure to use battery-powered or rechargeable drones for all your Commercial aerial photography needs. Commercial drones were never this environment friendly.Our UAVs will be almost invisible to you and with little to no noise that they make they do not disturb your conversations either.

    Road beautiful Aerial View of Busy Intersection at Night

    We Offer High Maneuverability

    If you have difficult locations or a tight road that leads up to the main property or perhaps the indoors comprise some areas that do not allow for free movement, worry not. Drones can be ideal for high as well as low altitude flying. You can easily take shots close to buildings, fly over and under park fences and livestock, and give your clients the perfect view of the property.

    How can aerial photography help save time in commercial real estate?

    Aerial Photography for Commercial Real Estate

    This Technology is regularly being used to provide a more accurate, detailed impression of the project and it’s surrounding area; opening avenues for developing property maps and surveys. Any commercial or residential real estate developer, builder, or sales professional can use aerial photography as a fantastic marketing tool when it comes time to setting the stage for new commercial properties.

    Millions of dollars can go into one commercial project. By using drones to take aerial photographs or videos an enormous amount of time and money can be saved. Also, construction sites or building sites can be very dangerous. There is a reason they make everyone wear a hard hat. Until a project is done, it is always an area of questionable safety. Using drone photography reduces the amount of danger usually involved in a building project. Instead of having inspectors, engineers or project managers walking around an area of high risk and uncertainty, we can send a drone in to inspect stockpiles, monitor powers lines, check and track progress in the field. A drone can gather an enormous amount of information, and now everyone can inspect it in the safety of an office with detailed photographs or video.

    How to Use Aerial Photography for Commercial Properties

    • Create brilliant impressions of the property/surrounding areas
    • Open avenues for developing property maps and surveys
    • Use Aerial photography as a fantastic marketing tool
    • Provide a more accurate, detailed impression of the project
    • Set the stage for new commercial properties
    • Reduce danger usually involved in a building project
    • Use drones for Stockpile measurement

    Regardless if you fly the drone or hire a professional, there are a number of local, state, and federal safety rules that must be followed. The FAA carefully regulates any unmanned aerial vehicles.

    Items to consider when selecting a pilot to take aerial photography

    • The UAV pilot should have a current pilot’s license and completed the training courses.
    • The pilot or company he/she works for has insurance coverage in the event of and accident or other legal matter.
    • The contract should protect you from any claims related to the project including: personal injury, privacy or property damage.
    • The pilots UAV should be registered with the FAA. Anything weighing more than 0.5 pounds must be registered with the FAA. If you fail to register the drone, you could be fined up to $25,000.
    • The drone cannot be flown within a 5-mile radius of an airport terminal.
    • Generally, a drone for commercial use cannot be flown at more than 400 feet in altitude. The pilot of the drone must maintain visual contact at all times.

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