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    When It’s Drone, It’s Drone Right!

    Why it’s important to hire the right drone pilot?

    Aerial Imaging requires mastering many skills, acquired by hours of practice, research and regular use. No one is going to pick up a drone and become an expert in a matter of hours. The qualified pilots have become experts through their dedication and passion for the field.

    Becoming a Certified Remote Pilot of a sUAS (drone) requires several steps before getting your first job. To use a drone for commercial purposes, you must pass the FAA Remote Pilot small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) exam to become certified. Next, you have to learn how to fly your sUAS, capture quality images, understand how to process data. Gathering high-quality data requires substantial skill, knowledge, and expertise. A professional drone pilot invests in equipment and software that is very expensive. Depending on the project, a drone job could involve technology such as Photogrammetry, Thermal Mapping,  2D or 3D Mapping,  or Georeferenced Orthomosaics.

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    Mission Safety is paramount and the law. A pilot must follow and know regulatory compliance rules. (Download PDF)    Pilots should  carry insurance for themselves and insurance on their equipment. Learn more about Insurance coverage for drone operators.

    Drone Technology changes so fast the professional sUAS pilot will continuously invest time and money for new technology and equipment. That is why it is imperative to choose the right sUAS pilot for a project. You want someone with quality equipment and the experience to convert your data into a superior product.

    Need help Finding Permanent Employee UAV Pilots?

    NY Drone Zone has the largest database of FAA Certified UAV Pilots in New York State. Many businesses and organizations have begun to hire full-time drone pilots for their organization.  NY Drone Zone will help you hire a pilot that is FAA Certified, must pass a background check and will be personally reviewed by our management team, to ensure you’re hiring the right person with the right talent for the job.

    We work with the most professional and talented Aerial photographers in NY State. We will find you UAV pilots trained and experienced in UAV photography and other drone-related services.   From the highest quality aerial photos and videography to the most accurate mapping solutions.  Contact us today if you need help finding a  pilot.

    NY Drone Zone -518-727-2741

    The Economic Impact of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration in the United States report

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    Temporary Project Pilot

    Sometimes companies need temporary employees for projects lasting 3-6 months. These projects require trust, reliability, and liability coverage. NY Drone Zone will find the right pilot for the job. Pilots must be FAA Certified, pass a background check and have insurance. Our management team will personally interview each pilot to ensure you are hiring the best person for the job.