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    Residential Real Estate

    Residential Real Estate

    Create unyielding differences by using beautiful high-resolution aerial photography or a virtual tour to showcase your next Real Estate listing.

    Commercial real estate

    Commercial Real Estate

    Any developer, builder, or sales professional can use aerial photography as a fantastic marketing tool when it comes time to setting the stage for new commercial properties.

    Construction sites

    Construction Sites

    Imagine the valuable data or progress that could be tracked using Aerial construction photography. Drone technology is safer and is being used to save time providing accurate, detailed impressions of a project.



    Farmers save time and money using aerial photography. They can increase crop quality, crop yields, as well as profits. It could mean the difference between a successful harvest or a preventable crop failure.

    Weddings and events

    Weddings / Events

    The use of aerial photography for weddings, anniversaries and other special events is transforming traditional photography and creating a higher level experience.

    Emergency Management

    Emergency Management

    During and after natural and man-made disasters, the necessities for quick accessing of geographic data are critical. Using drone technology and aerial photography can expedite critical information

    UAV Pilots looking for a job

    NYDroneZone helps UAV Pilots find aerial photography jobs in their area or field of expertise. Join today and start to review jobs near you.

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    Find a UAV Pilot in your area or by a field of expertise, compare bid prices, and choose the pilot that is best for the project.


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    Contact us today. We will personally help you find the right UAV pilot for the job.


    NY Drone Zone LLC is an Aerial Photography Service Company. We help remote certified drone pilots find jobs. At the same time, anyone looking to hire an aerial photographer can post a job and within minutes receive bids from interested remote pilots.

    It’s easy, simple, negotiable,  and it’s up to you!

    Drone pilots:

    • Create a profile and list your services
    • When a job gets posted, you will receive a notification
    • Decide if it’s a job you’re interested in
    • Purchase a bid package
    • Bid on the job

    Individuals, Industries, and Businesses:

    • Create a Login
    • Submit a job
    • Choose your advertising package
    • Get notified when a pilot places a bid
    • Choose your pilot
    Flying drone with a camera NY Drone Zone

    We are unlike any other drone service company. NY Drone Zone will have the largest database in NY State for remote pilot certified aerial photographers for all forms of UAV service.   Individuals, industries or business’s interested in using aerial photography to improve safety for their workforce, increase performance, or save money and time on a project can easily find a certified remote pilot in our database or contact us directly.

    NY Drone Zone is the place for certified remote pilots to find jobs.  We will work at finding jobs for you.  Our marketing team goes to great measures to keep the jobs coming in.

    Interested in becoming a certified remote UAV Pilot?


    Our NY Team

    We only select the best! Our team has been strategically chosen to handle projects requiring special treatment or solutions.  A project may require higher security or could be a  State/Government Contract.  Our team is on notice and available for any emergency or project needing immediate attention.

    “Safety is First”

    Our team is FAA accredited pilots who carry insurance, pass a background check, and have their UAV registered with the FAA.  We work with the most professional and talented Aerial photographers across NY State. Our team of UAV pilots is trained and experienced in UAV photography and other drone-related services.   From the highest quality aerial photos and videography to the most accurate mapping solutions.  The team is located all over New York State. Contact us today if you are interested in working with our NY Team.

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